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4 Heroes That Can Be Tricky to Use in Mobile Legends

4 Heroes That Can Be Tricky to Use in Mobile Legends

In the exciting world of Mobile Legends, having heroes that kick off battles is super important. They’re called initiators, and they’re like the leaders in the game. But here’s the twist – in Season 31, some of these heroes, even though they are strong, can be a bit tricky to handle. Let’s check out the list of these heroes who, despite being Overpowered (OP), can sometimes face the risk of getting defeated in Mobile Legends.

Understanding Initiator Mobile Legends Heroes and their Job

Initiator heroes have a big role – they’re the ones who start the fights and lead the way in MOBA battles. Their main job is to break through the enemy’s formation and go after the main opponent’s hero. The heroes we’re talking about are considered super strong in Season 31, showing off some impressive skills. But, it’s important to know that even with all their strong moves, these heroes might end up losing if someone who’s not very experienced plays them.

  1. Alpha – The Ultimate Warrior

Alpha, also known as the Ultimate Warrior in Mobile Legends, is the first hero on our list. In Season 31, he’s considered really strong and can start battles with some powerful moves. But, here’s the catch – if someone who doesn’t know how to play him well tries, they might end up helping the other team instead of being a hero. So, getting good at using Alpha’s moves is a must to avoid being a feeder.

Tips for Playing Alpha:

  • Learn when to use Alpha’s moves for the best impact.
  • Use his healing moves wisely during fights.
  • Make sure you’re in the right position to avoid unnecessary defeats.
  1. Tigreal – The Fearless Tank

Tigreal, also known as the Fearless Tank, is the second hero on our list, and he’s in a bit of a tricky situation. Tigreal has some cool moves to control the crowd and is quite tough. But, if someone who’s not very skilled tries to use him, they might find it hard to take advantage of Tigreal’s strengths. This can lead to defeats and turning into a feeder.

Tips for Playing Tigreal:

  • Master Tigreal’s crowd control moves for effective fights.
  • Get items that make Tigreal stronger and harder to defeat.
  • Choose the right moments to start fights for better chances.
  1. Minotaur – The Rage of the Abyss

Minotaur, known as the Rage of the Abyss in Mobile Legends, is the next hero on our list. He’s considered pretty powerful in Season 31 with his rage-filled moves and ability to take a lot of damage. But, here’s the tricky part – using Minotaur well needs some finesse. If someone messes up the moves or doesn’t handle the rage right, they might end up being a feeder.

Tips for Playing Minotaur:

  • Practice managing Minotaur’s rage for the best results.
  • Use Minotaur’s toughness to protect your team from damage.
  • Don’t start fights without enough rage built up.
  1. Balmond – The Berserker

Balmond, also known as the Berserker, is the last hero on our list of initiators in Mobile Legends who can be a bit tricky. Even though he has strong moves for starting fights, how well he does depends a lot on the player’s skill. If someone who’s not very good plays Balmond, they might end up being a feeder instead of a dominating SLOTJARWO force.

Tips for Playing Balmond:

  • Use Balmond’s moves smartly to start team fights.
  • Get items that make Balmond tougher.
  • Pay attention to the map to join fights at the right times.

Conclusion: Balancing Power and Skill

In the always-changing world of Mobile Legends, it’s interesting that heroes who start fights can be strong but also a bit challenging to use. Whether you pick Alpha, Tigreal, Minotaur, or Balmond, the key is to get really good at using their moves and understand when to start a fight. If you’re skilled at playing them, these heroes can be powerful, but if not, you might accidentally end up helping the other team. So, choose your hero wisely, practice a lot, and find that perfect balance between power and skill in Mobile Legends!